• Mr. Ashok Kudale operated for Appendicectomy by Dr. Dinesh Jain

    Dear Dr Dinesh Jain

    We wish the ending day of 2015 and beautiful days ahead to you !!
    I was really afraid when there was severe pain, shivering, sweating and powerless feeling on 21st April 2015, however I felt safe with your appropriate decisions of operating my appendix at that time. It was my luck and your skill to remove that tumor along with appendix rightly from my stomach at right time. Your best possible treatment allowed me to go for our planned Europe tour then.
    Further, I was scared & worried when there was detection of cancer cell in that tumor in appendix, which was life threatening. I remember your advice and supporting words which inspired me for the further operation to eradicate the cancer from my body. 
    There were several complications caused in post surgery due to unsystematic medical attention & treatment in Galaxy Cancer hospital, where I was operated. However, I was recovered from the complications by medical treatment in Dinanath Mangeshkar Hospital. Now, I am fit and fine with full recovery.
    Thanks to you Doctor from my heart for the best treatment.
    Me and my family wish you, your family A very Happy New  Year and Years ahead for best services to patients and betterment of the world.
    With Regards...


  • Shashikala Sharma, (67yrs) operated for Laparoscopic Gall Bladder Surgery

    " I was having stones in my gall bladder. I was taking Ayurvedic medicines for almost a year, but there was no responce to this treatment. With a lot of diet restrictions, i was losing weight. I wanted eat everything, but could not. Once when i could not bear the pain, I decided to meet a specialist. Our family doctor Dr. Vikas Gaikwad suggested Dr. Dinesh Jain's name and assured me about him.

    When I met Dr jain, I realised that Dr Vikas was telling the truth and I believed completely that he will free me of my suffering. Within a second, I was ready to get operated by him. I felt grace of God and a feeling of a near and dear one taking care of me with Dr. Jain.There was a very good rapport and the doctor patient relationship was excellent. Otherwise I was so scared of the operation that,I would have dragged my suffering for few more years. 

    He supported me during and after the operation. He even guided me regarding physical challenges in my age group and to deal with them in future.

    May god give him more success and keep him healthy always!"

  • Suresh Lipane (59 yrs) operated for Fissure removal

    " I was suffering from fissure continuously for 6 months. I took medicines from many doctors, even Ayurvedic ones. But to no effect. At last I went for advice to our family doctor, Dr. Deshpande. He sent me to Dr. Dinesh jain.

    Dr. Jain examined me and gave some medicines, but again, no relief. So, he decided to operate on me. He operated at a nearby nursing home and same day I was discharged . Now I am free of any of my previous pain. He has assured that this will not recur. I am very very thankful to him.

    He had also operated on my daughter for a swelling on her eye, 5 yrs back. Now everything is alright.

    He may aiways get success in all his endeavours like this. Thanks."

  • Nana Tukaram Shinde, (59yrs), operated for piles by MIPH

    "I have undergone the piles surgery- Stapler MIPH operated by Dr. Jain on 24-04-2009. Now I am enjoying full satsfaction and I have very good results without any complaints. Very very successful surgery. 

    Thanks all the team members and especially, Dr. Dinesh Jain."

  • Mr. Poojan Gautam Piles Stapler surgery and removal of anal polyp

    " Dr. Jain is a master of Stapler Surgery for piles.

    Whatever he advised to me regarding my other surgery for prostate and cystoscopy was found to be true.

    There is no complain so far as this surgery (Stapler surgery) done by Dr. Dinesh Jain. Besides, he is very kind hearted and friendly with all the patients. Hence I recommend everyone suffering from piles/ fistula, etc to get treated by him.

    I wish him a grand name and fame in his existing line of surgery.

    With warm regards...."

  • Mrs. Kusum Shrote (62yrs), Homemaker, Pune. Operated for Piles by Stapler surgery.

    "I was suffering from Piles off and on since last 20 yrs. I used to get some relief with medicines: but since last 4 months the medicines were not effective. Dr. Jain explained me that I needed to get operated. Even after Stapler Surgery for Piles , I suffered for first 9 days. But then Dr. Jain was very supportive. On 10th day all my problems suddenly disappeared. Now, I feel that if I got operated much earlier, I would have avoided so much of a suffering! Dr. Jain is a wonderful Doctor! Thank you!"

  • Mr. Deepak Bhaguram Nikam (35yrs) Teacher, At post- Lohare, Dist Raigad, Maharashtra Treated for Piles and Fissure.

    "I was treated for Piles and Fissure at Miraj, Sangli. But my problem was not solved. I was admitted for 6 days in a hospital at my hometown, Mahad, and was given 3 bottles of blood, still bleeding did not stop. At last I took treatment from Dr. Dinesh Jain. Bleeding stopped within 3 days and I regained strength in 8-10 days.

    Due to Dr. Jain’s experience and correct treatment I got cured in less time. Before I met Dr. Jain I suffered physically, mentally as well as financially due to these medical problems. Dr. Jain freed me from my sufferings. Good wishes to him from the base of my heart for his future."

  • Mr. Deepak Gajanan Shelar (37yrs), Software engineer, Pune, Operated fpr Piles by a Stapler surgery.

    "I would like to convey my sincere gratitude to you and your team for your wonderful and accurate treatment on my Piles disease. Since last one month I was facing lot of mental and physical trouble due to this piles pain and I lost my control over my mind. Fortunately I got your name & feedback from my friend and as per your suggestion I underwent Stapler Operation by yourself yesterday. Today I am feeling better like journey from “Piles to Smiles”. God Bless you!"

  • Mr. Akshay Bansilal Rajore. (42yrs) Pune. Operated for Piles stapler surgery

    "I was suffering from Piles severely for 8-9 yrs. I was treated by 2-3 doctors, but our local physician suggested Dr. Dinesh Jain’s name for the treatment. Dr. Jain operated on me by Stapler Equipment for Piles 3 years back and since then I am not having any symptoms of Piles. I am very very thankful to Dr. Jain for his successful operation."

  • Mr. Santosh Raina (65yrs) Retd personnel. Pune. NOT operated for hemorhhhoids/ Piles

    "I wish to express my gratitude to Dr. Jain for his professional advice after performing anoscopy on me. Where examination by other doctor revealed my problem as hemorrhoids, his diagnosis was superb- ‘Loss of anal tone’ – The disease of my mind. Treatment prescribed was “Yoga and Surrender to the Ultimate”. I am feeling better.

    Where can we find such noble professionals today who not only examine your body, but patient’s psyche.
    Thank you Doctor, your service to mankind is beyond compare!"

  • Mrs. Leela Kale, (55yrs), Homemaker, Pune. Operated for Piles by Stapler surgery, and repair of hernia.

    "I was suffering from Piles for about a year, during which I was treated and advised by various doctors, but in vain! I was not cured of the problem. Then one of the doctors referred me to Dr Dinesh Jain and told me to meet him without hesitation. When I met Dr. Jain I felt confident that I will get cured.  I was operated by him with a stapler surgery in the year 2002, and never suffered from piles since then.  Again in the year 2005, when I was diagnosed to have hernia, I straightaway went to Dr. Jain and got operated successfully. I never had any problems regarding these conditions again in spite of doing heavy household work. Now whenever someone tells me about any medical/surgical problems, I always suggest taking his opinion. I am never tired of telling good things about him. I wish him all the best for his future career."

  • Mr. Nitin Gavde (31 yrs), Software Engineer, Pune. Operated for Piles by Stapler surgery

    "3 years back, I was suffering from constipation, Piles & Fistula. But I used to neglect. But when these started troubling me more, I came to know about Dr. Dinesh Jain and got operated (Stapler Surgery- the latest for Piles) for both the conditions at one go by him. Within one month I was feeling so happy and fresh, free from acidity, constipation and headache, too. Really it was a new life for me to enjoy all things in life. I would request all the patients suffering from piles to undergo treatment under Dr. Jain as he is the best surgeon in India! Thanks and Regards…"

  • Mr. Biplab Panda (24yrs) Software Engineer, Pune.Operated for piles by Stapler Surgery.

    "The website through which I got to know about Dr. Dinesh Jain was very well made and informative. I was operated by Dr. Jain by a Stapler procedure for Piles. The experience has been phenomenal. I couldn’t be thankful enough to Dr. Jain for seeing me and treating me with such compassion. He also advised me on the financial aspect of the operation. After having the operation done, I feel better with every passing day! Looking forward to a continued co-operation from him. Thanks and regards…"

  • Mr. B S R Sastry (53yrs), Officer in a multinational company, Pune. Operated for Piles by Stapler surgery 12 yrs back

    "Sir, you are an excellent Doctor. The way you treat the patients in a pleasing manner is highly appreciated. I don't think any other doctor is there in Pune, who can treat a variety of different kinds of surgical conditions within the field.

    I thank you for your kind co-operation in all respects."

  • Mr. Eknath Jagtap (58 yrs) Pune. Operated for Piles stapler surgery.

    "I was suffering from severe piles and severe anemia. My haemoglobin was 4, but I was not ready for operation because of fear of loss of control over motion (Incontinence). Dr. Dinesh Jain reassured me and operated on me for piles at a private nursing home using Stapler Equipment. There was hardly any pain after the operation. It did not affect my control over the passing motion. This modern surgery for piles is fantastic for such patients."

  • Mr. Mahesh Khubani (42 yrs), Businessman from Pune. Operated for Piles Stapler Surgery and Laparoscopic repair of Umbilical Hernia at the same time.

    "Both the operations were done on the same day and I was back in my office on the 11th day, that too as a precaution. I was actually absolutely fine on the 5th day itself, except for the little discomfort of the Piles operation. I did not even realize that I had undergone hernia operation also along with the Piles Surgery.  I had met Dr. Dinesh Jain only once before the operation and he gained my total confidence. I feel great and in the hindsight, very fortunate that I was operated by one of the best doctors. Best wishes to Dr. Dinesh Jain."

  • Mr. Ajit Singh (42yrs) in Govt. service. Operated for Piles Stapler Surgery.

    "I had been suffering from painful and bleeding external piles. It had affected me physically and mentally. Dr. Dinesh Jain provided complete details of operative technique prior to surgery, boosting my confidence to undergo the operation. After the operation, I suffered pain and discomfort for initial two weeks. Dr. Jain was supportive throughout and provided guidance always, after listening to my problems patiently. He told me to wait for just six weeks. I must admire his confidence which he had gained through his skills/ experience of thousands of surgeries. His prediction was correct and after six weeks my pain completely disappeared. I have been a normal, happy, active and healthy person since then. I sincerely thank Dr. Dinesh Jain and wish him the very best in his profession in future."

  • Mr. Amit Darda (28 yrs) Businessman from Pune, operated for Piles Stapler Surgery.

    "Operation was good and Dinesh Sir always encouraged and supported me. He removed the fear from my mind and I was comfortable.  I was back to work in 4 days and now I am free from my earlier troubles."

  • Mr. P N Lalge (41yrs), Businessman from Pune. Operated for Piles Stapler Surgery.

    "I got operated on 17 Sep 2011 for Piles Stapler Surgery. Dr. Dinesh Jain explained everything beforehand and reduced the burden on my mind. Today on 23rd Sep 2011. I have come to his clinic for routine check-up. I feel very safe and secure with Dr. Jain. I relied on his guidance fearlessly and did not suffer from any problems then on. Thanks Dr. Jain."

  • Mrs. Vaishali Purandare (40 yrs) working at Pune, Operated for Piles Stapler Surgery.

    "The fear and myths about this disease were removed by Dr. Jain’s scientific explanation. He operated very confidently and now I am leading normal life. I and my family members wish him all the best for his future."