• Mr. Indranil Bhattacharya (41 yrs) Former Dean: FTII, Pune. Operated for Stapler Haemorrhoidectomy (Piles Stapler surgery)

    "Doctor was reassuring and responsive throughout the surgery and post-surgery period. This made the little post-surgical symptoms bearable. He was also pragmatic and realistic about the recovery period"

  • ERCP: Sharada Jakhotia (22 yrs) Homemaker, Jaipur. ERCP with CBD stone removal.

    "I had contracted jaundice during 7th month of my pregnancy due to a stone impacted in common bile duct. Thanks to Dr. Dinesh Jain, the stone was taken out by endoscopy procedure called ERCP by Dr. Jain, without cutting on my tummy. They deserve special thanks because I delivered normally after 2 months of procedure and gave birth to a healthy son. I now look forward to come to Pune for Laparoscopic removal of my gall bladder as advised."

  • Zameer Alam Chandakeri (36yrs) Software engineer, Operated for perianal abscess.

    "Doctor is very kind and explains each and every detail.  Good thing about Dr. Dinesh is he is very approachable and very friendly."

  • Mr. Giridhari Sharma (52 yrs) Pune, Lottery seller. Operated Laparoscopically for GERD.

    "I was tired of visiting general practitioners for my persistent heartburn and acidity. Then I was diagnosed to have reflux oesophagitis (irritation of inner lining of oesophagus due to a weak sphincter guarding it resulting in backflow of acid from the stomach.) on endoscopy by other doctor, I was guided to Dr. Dinesh Jain for laparoscopic surgery for my condition. I was operated successfully by Dr. Dinesh Jain and his team at Jehangir Nursing Home, Pune. I was discharged from the hospital in 2 days. All my complains disappeared after the operation. I would ever bless Dr. Jain and his team for their compassion in treating me."

  • Govind Hari Mahadik (54yrs) Pune,

    "I was suffering from Abdominal complains and Inguinal Hernia that was increasing day by day. When I got admitted in a major hospital in Pune, I was operated for releasing the ‘stuck intestines’ instead of that for hernia. But I was not relieved of my symptoms and suffered a lot. Then my brother guided me to Dr. Dinesh Jain. He listened patiently and understood my problems. He then operated on me within 2 days for repair of hernia laparoscopically. I am completely off my all abdominal complains since then.

    Dr Jain is very experienced and excellent surgeon. I heartily bless him for his future."

  • Sandip Nawle (25 yrs), Hotel business, Gumandev, Tal Shrirampur, Dist Ahmednagar. Operated for Hiatus hernia repair Laparoscopically, wrote:

    "I was suffering from acidity, abdominal pain and vomiting for 3-4 years. I visited many doctors, underwent endoscopy 3 times but no one could pinpoint the diagnosis. My friend tried to find a good abdominal doctor from the net, and he found about Dr. Dinesh Jain. When I met Dr. Jain, he listened to me in detail, examined me and did endoscopy once again. He explained that the condition I was suffering from was Hiatus Herniaand also explained that he could do the Hernia Repair procedure laparoscopically. He cleared all my doubts and ultimately I got operated by him at Jehangir Hospital, Pune. Recovery was fantastic and I was discharged from the hospital on the 4th day in spite of the major operation. Now since 8 months after surgery, I am absolutely normal. No Pain, no vomiting, no acidity at all! Thank you Dr. Jain and wish you the best for your future."

  • Mrs. Kalavathy Raman (52 yrs) Homemaker,Pune. Operated for Paraumbilical hernia Laparoscopically.

    "Thoroughly satisfying, Peace of mind before and after the surgery. Thanks to Dr. Dinesh Jain’s amiable and friendly nature. Dr. Jain’s attitude towards me was extremely comforting and gave me solace with his confidence building talk. We could talk to him like a friend and not like a patient. God bless Dr. Jain in all his endeavors in future and may he have always peace of mind. Thanking you…."

  • Mrs. Hanif Farida Hatimali (47 yrs) Homemaker, Pune. Operated simultaneously for Gall Bladder removal and Inguinal hernia repair Laparoscopically.

    "I had undergone 5 operations on my abdomen in the past. Two caesarian sections, a removal of uterus, a removal of appendix and an operation for repair of umbilical hernia. On top of it later, I was diagnosed to have stones in the gall bladder and an inguinal hernia, too. But I was reluctant to undergo any more cuts on my abdomen. 

    I was fortunate enough to come in contact with Dr. Dinesh Jain who won my confidence at first visit. I could sense his sincerity to treat me. He did both the operations at one time laparoscopically and the next day I could stand and walk to the washroom on my own!"

  • Mr. Zameer Sayyed (32 yrs) Tokyo, Japan, Software engineer. Operated laparoscopically for bilateral inguinal hernia repair.

    "Dear Dr. Dinesh Jain, I thank you and your associates for performing bilateral repair of inguinal hernia laparoscopically. I was advised to undergo open (conventional) repair in Tokyo. I was happy that you could operate laparoscopically with a very small scar and only 2 days hospital stay. I could not believe that it could be done in Pune in my home country! Thank you very much."

  • Mr. Shailesh Kaluram Dorge (39 yrs), Businessman from Pune. Operated for Laparoscopic repair of Umbilical Hernia.

    "Very fine experience. Excellent in all respect. Dr. Jain operated with lot of care."

  • Mr. Mahesh Khubani (42 yrs), Businessman from Pune. Operated for Piles Stapler Surgery and Laparoscopic repair of Umbilical Hernia at the same time.

    "Both the operations were done on the same day and I was back in my office on the 11th day, that too as a precaution. I was actually absolutely fine on the 5th day itself, except for the little discomfort of the Piles operation. I did not even realize that I had undergone hernia operation also along with the Piles Surgery.  I had met Dr. Dinesh Jain only once before the operation and he gained my total confidence. I feel great and in the hindsight, very fortunate that I was operated by one of the best doctors. Best wishes to Dr. Dinesh Jain."

  • Mr. Kantilal V Patel (59 yrs), Businessman from Pune. Operated laparoscopically for Hernia repair and Gall bladder removal at the same time.

    "Dr. Dinesh Jain is a very good human being. He guided me as a mother guides her child. He also developed confidence and made me strong & bold regarding the operation, so I could pass through the operation very gently. He gave a good post-operative care. With his expertise I could walk after 24 hours of such a major operation. He is a very helpful person. Thanks to him."

  • Mr. Manohar Rakshe. (59 yrs), Works at Pune, Operated for Laparoscopic repair of Inguinal Hernia.

    "I had a pain in the groin region. After examination Dr. Dinesh Jain diagnosed it to be due to inguinal hernia. I got operated from him at Poona Hospital within reasonable expenses. He discharged me on the next day! I did not suffer from at all and joined my work in no time. Thanks to Dr. Dinesh Jain."

  • Mr. Shripal Jain (28 yrs) runs a stationary shop at Pune, operated for Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair.

    "I am very thankful to Dr. Dinesh Jain who operated successfully upon me. I am sure that I will visit Dr. Jain for any kind of surgical problem in future. Thank you for everything and best of luck for good future in career. Thanks a lot!"

  • Shabbir Mulla wrote for his mother Masuma Mulla (78yrs) operated for Laparoscopic Incisional Hernia Repair.

    wrote about Dr. Jain

    "Young; energetic;

    lot of Patience;

    ability to convince the patient,

    and make him/ her a part of the decision making, which makes things easy for everyone around. Thanks Doc!"

  • Mr. Ashok Surati wrote for his son Prince (12 yrs) who was operated for a Lymph Node Biopsy (swelling in the neck).

    "We have met such an honest and experienced doctor for the first time in 30 yrs. After talking to him, I was rest assured about his experience and treatment. Thanks."

  • Mr. Swapnil P (31 yrs) operated for Circumcision

    "Dr. Jain has done a wonderful job. Thanks to the doctor, I feel very comforted and reassured and I am confident to start my life afresh. Thanks a lot!"

  • Mrs. Jayashree Pardesi (32 yrs) Teacher, operated for complicated intestinal obstruction.

    "There are a lot of ups and downs in each person’s life. So had I. The doctor is a representative of God who removes suffering from your life. Hence Doctor is considered second God. Dr. Jain has removed such pain and suffering from my life, the thought of which gives me goose bumps. But Dr. Jain has taken out that nightmare from my life permanently and I thank him from the base of my heart.
    Dr. Jain not only removes physical pain but mental suffering, too. He is concerned not only about the disease of the patient but also advises about the problems in personal life. He cures patients not only with treatment but also with good thoughts. There are very few doctors in the world like him. Thanks."

  • Mrs Rajashree Naik (45 yrs), Homemaker, Pune. Operated for Tumour in the Breast.

    "Experience was very soothing. Excellent person."

  • Mr. Prakash Shenoy (28 yrs),

    "It was a good experience with him"