• Mr. Shekhar Mutha (49 yrs) operated for Incision and Drainage of Perianal Abscess.

    "Opeartion was done very nicely. There was no problem at all. Dr. Jain co-operated very well. Thanks."

  • Mr. Sunil Tanpure, Grocer, At post Dhangwadi, Tal Bhor, Dist Pune. His son was operated for appendectomy.

    "My son Shubham (12yrs) was suffering from abdominal pain off and on since one and a half years. He was treated at local hospital but pain would trouble him occasionally. Ultrasonography examination done twice did not reveal any abnormality and pain would be so unbearable that he would sometimes roll on the floor. No one could pinpoint the diagnosis. One of our acquaintances suggested us to visit Dr. Dinesh Jain. 

    Dr. Jain enquired about Shubham in detail and then thoroughly examined him and suggested operation of Removal of Appendix for him. Since he is a thin child he suggested an open operation. His guidance and experience prompted us to get Shubham operated under him. Contrary to our fears and beliefs it was a small operation and Shubham recovered very quickly. Now, more than six months he is absolutely free of his pain."

    Thank you Dr. Jain!

  • Mr. Rakesh Gandhi, Pune, wrote for his father who was operated for Varicose veins

    My father Mr. Kantilal Gandhi (76yrs) was suffering from varicose veins in both his legs since 6-7 yrs. He was not taking good care of his legs. Since 6 months he was unable to walk. Dr. Dinesh Jain had performed a minor operation on me 4 yrs back, so I consulted him this time for my father. He treated us well and operated on my father’s both legs within 4 days. The operation was a success. My father is well now and can walk and do all the routine work. I was really worried about him but God is great. He sent Dr. Jain to help. We are always with you Dr. Jain and a very Happy New Year.

  • Mr. Santosh Kunkulol (40yrs) Medical Shop Owner, Pune.

    "I was operated for Umbilical hernia under Dr. Jain. The experience regarding hospitalization, service, attendance of the staff was really fantastic.

    The surgery was good, follow-up and other necessities were so satisfactory that it helped me recover early from this surgery. I am really very thankful to Dr. Jain for his kind approach."

  • Ms Harsha Advani (25yrs) K G School Teacher, Pune

    "I was operated for Pilonidal sinus by Dr. Dinesh Jain and was immediately back to normal within 10 days. Never had to stay in the hospital nor had to take heavy medications. I believe there is a magic in Dr. Jain’s hands that he cures physical ailments in a jiffy. I have never seen any doctor who not only cures physically but also positively charges you up with motivation. This definitely calls for a word of mouth reference coming from the heart and mind. God bless and best wishes…"

  • Mr. Amit Arun Solse (27yrs), Bank Officer, Pune. Operated for inguinal hernia by open surgery.

    "I was suffering from Inguinal hernia for 2-3 months. Our family physician suggested Dr. Dinesh Jain’s name for opinion. According to his advice I got operated by him immediately the next day. Because of his friendly nature I was not scared of the operation. I did not have any complications and within a week I was normal. My best wishes are always with him."

  • Mrs. Vasanti Sontakke wrote for her husband Mr. Vasantrao Ramchandra Sontakke (69yrs) Retired personnel, Pune.

    "We were at Dehradun when my husband suffered from pain due to Gall Bladder Stone. Since we were away from our hometown Pune, we were temporarily treated by a local doctor. After coming back to Pune, our known physician suggested Dr. Dinesh Jain’s name as a surgeon for removal of Gall Bladder. Dr. Jain operated on my husband successfully and all the suffering disappeared.

    Since we had a very good experience once, we visited him once again for a swelling on his shoulder that turned out to be a Lipoma. This time also, Dr Jain helped us just like our son would and minor operation was performed at his clinic itself. Because of his peace loving and good-humored nature we would like to come to him again if needed. All the best wishes for his health and career from Sontakke family."

  • Mr. Satish Babanrao Mohol (35yrs) Advertiser and Politician, Pune. Lipoma removal

    "I am very thankful to Dr. Dinesh Jain for removing a huge Lipoma in my thigh. He operated on me with so much ease that I did not feel the pain either during or after the operation. I can tell, you can trust him for any kind of surgical problem completely."

  • Mrs. Leela Kale, (55yrs), Homemaker, Pune. Operated for Piles by Stapler surgery, and repair of hernia.

    "I was suffering from Piles for about a year, during which I was treated and advised by various doctors, but in vain! I was not cured of the problem. Then one of the doctors referred me to Dr Dinesh Jain and told me to meet him without hesitation. When I met Dr. Jain I felt confident that I will get cured.  I was operated by him with a stapler surgery in the year 2002, and never suffered from piles since then.  Again in the year 2005, when I was diagnosed to have hernia, I straightaway went to Dr. Jain and got operated successfully. I never had any problems regarding these conditions again in spite of doing heavy household work. Now whenever someone tells me about any medical/surgical problems, I always suggest taking his opinion. I am never tired of telling good things about him. I wish him all the best for his future career."

  • Hasmukh D Shah: (26yrs) Businessman at Pune, operated for fistula surgery

    "I got operated from Dr. Dinesh Jain for Fistula surgery. He explained everything before the operation. Operation was correctly done. Thank you Dr. Jain. "

  • Mrs. Vanita Harish Ekbote. (26yrs). Homemaker, Pune

    "I was suffering from Fissure in anal region since I was 19. I took treatment at various places but each time I got temporary relief. Once in newspaper I read about ‘Piles-Fissure-Fistula Camp’ conducted by Dr. Dinesh Jain. When I met him and talked to him he reassured me that I will be cured. I started feeling better by 25% just by talking to him! He operated on me the next day and I was discharged the same evening from the hospital. After that I never suffered from that pain. God has given magic in his hands to relieve people from their pain. I see God in him. Thank you."

  • Mrs. Jyoti Wankhede.Homemaker, operated for Fissure surgery.

    "Dr. Dinesh Jain operated on me and freed me from continuous suffering of 4 years. He gave a new direction to my life. Thank you, Sir."

  • Mrs. Suvarna Ramesh Jagtap (38 yrs), Homemaker from Pune. Operated for Fissure surgery.

    "I was very anxious before the operation, but  Dr. Dinesh Jain explained everything properly and reassured and made me go through the procedure easily. I am completely normal and feel good now."

  • Mrs. Ratnamala Pramod Karpe (40 yrs), Homemaker from Pune. Operated for Fissure surgery.

    "Dr. Dinesh Jain operated on me at Poona Hospital. I was very tense before the operation but comforting nature of Dr. Dinesh Jain made me go through the procedure easily. I am completely normal and feel good now."

  • Jyotsna Bhojane (31yrs) operated for Fissure removal.

    "It was very good experience with Dr. Dinesh Jain. He is very kind and generous. We just kept our faith in him. I think every patient should do the same and get recovered from their suffering and surgical problems. Thank you.

  • Sharada Jakhotia (22 yrs) Homemaker, Jaipur. ERCP with CBD stone removal.

    "I had contracted jaundice during 7th month of my pregnancy due to a stone impacted in common bile duct. Thanks to Dr. Dinesh Jain, the stone was taken out by endoscopy procedure called ERCP by Dr. Jain, without cutting on my tummy. They deserve special thanks because I delivered normally after 2 months of procedure and gave birth to a healthy son. I now look forward to come to Pune for Laparoscopic removal of my gall bladder as advised."

  • Mrs. Jaymala Jagtap (43 yrs), Home maker, Saswad, Dist Pune. Operated for Cancer of colon and and mother-in –law operated for Laparoscopic gall bladder removal.

    "I had an abdominal pain and was treated by a doctor in our village. But my condition worsened and I was brought to Pune, under Dr. Dinesh Jain’s care. He operated on me for removal of large intestine and temporary colostomy due to cancer of colon. The operation was successful and all my family members were relieved. Dr. Jain is a very skillful surgeon and a very good-hearted gentleman. He resolved very smallest of our queries very positively that removed the fear of the operation and mainly that of colostomy. Later, I was operated successfully for colostomy closure and my mother in law was operated for laparoscopic gall bladder removal by Dr. Jain. We received utmost care from him and his clinic and hospital staff during and after the operation. We thank him and wish him all the best for his career and his health."

  • Mrs Rajashree Naik (45 yrs), Homemaker, Pune. Operated for Tumour in the Breast.

    "Experience was very soothing. Excellent person."

  • Mrs. Farida Juzer Master (30yrs) Pune,

    "I came for consultation for my Aunt for Breast Cancer Chemotherapy through the website. The website itself is very informative and user friendly. Dr. Jain guided me to the right person. Very co-operative. Thanks."

  • Miss Malati Ambekar (73 yrs) Retd clerk. Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Operated for Breast Cancer.

    "In my 72 yrs of life I never required any significant medication leave aside a hospitalization. I was diagnosed to have a breast cancer in stage II last year. The news shattered me…. 

    Through my younger sister I came to meet Dr. Dinesh Jain in Pune. He instilled a lot of courage and confidence in me to face the reality, to face the operation, subsequent chemotherapy and radiotherapy. During the entire interaction, I was touched by his compassion and kindness. His approach towards the individuals like me having anxiety and pain dispelled the fear. He has touched my heart. May God bless him."