• Rashida Lokhandwala, homemaker from Pune., wrote whose mother got operated for Laparoscopic Gall Bladder surgery

    "My mother (Age 74 yrs) got operated for removal of Gall bladder laparoscopically by Dr. Dinesh Jain. Dr. Dinesh’s assurance, help and confidence made things easy for all of us.

    Our prayers, best wishes and a BIG THANK YOU very much."

  • Manish Vyas (47yrs) Cinematographer, from Baroda, Gujrat. Operated for Laparoscopic Gall Bladder Removal.

    "First of all I should Thank Sir Dr. Dineshji. He is very good, not only very but very very good. I am very happy that he helped me and saved my life. God bless him and his team. Thanks all of you."

  • Mrs Deepa Patil, Software engineer, wrote for her mother Mrs Sneha Bhat (52 yrs) operated for Laparoscopic Gall Bladder Removal.r Surgery

    "I went through the success stories on Dr. Dinesh Jain’s website through Google. I approached him as I was impressed by the reviews. My mother’s gall bladder was supposed to be removed and also some cysts on her head were to be removed. But she is 52 yrs old and her weight is 105 Kg. So, it was very difficult for her to get operated. But when we came to Dr. Jain, he treated my mother very nicely and immediately next day she was operated for the gall bladder as well as the cysts. She recovered within a week.  She is now fine and I really appreciate the kind nature of Dr. Jain and how nicely he operated on my mother. Thanks to Dr. Dinesh and best wishes for him and his family."

  • Mr. Prakashchandra Darda (59yrs) working in Pune, operated for Laparoscopic Gall Bladder Surgery.

    "I am very thankful to Dr. Dinesh Jain who operated upon me skillfully and supported well post-operatively. Relations with Dr. Jain is not only as doctor-patient, but like a friend and a family member. I wish him all the best luck for future achievements and wish him happy, prosperous, healthy and wealthy New Year."

  • Priyanka Sachin Shirke (24 yrs), Homemaker from Pune. Operated for Laparoscopic Appendix and Gall Bladder Removal at the same time.

    "We thank Dr. Dinesh Jain not only for his medical treatment but also for his moral support during whole treatment. He is a very kind and helping person. We wish him the best for his future. Thanks."

  • Mrs. Vandana Agarwal (35 yrs) wife of Manager of a Hotel in Kalyaninagar, Pune. Operated for Laparoscopic Gall Bladder Removal.

    "The best doctor I have come across."

  • Mr. Kantilal V Patel (59 yrs), Businessman from Pune. Operated laparoscopically for Hernia repair and Gall bladder removal at the same time.

    "Dr. Dinesh Jain is a very good human being. He guided me as a mother guides her child. He also developed confidence and made me strong & bold regarding the operation, so I could pass through the operation very gently. He gave a good post-operative care. With his expertise I could walk after 24 hours of such a major operation. He is a very helpful person. Thanks to him.

    I was fortunate enough to come in contact with Dr. Dinesh Jain who won my confidence at first visit. I could sense his sincerity to treat me. He did both the operations at one time laparoscopically and the next day I could stand and walk to the washroom on my own!"

  • Mrs. Suhasini Khandekar (69 yrs), Homemaker. Operated for Laparoscopic removal of Gall Bladder.

    "It was a wonderful experience with Dr. Dinesh Jain, very warm interaction from start till today. Hospitable, caring, very impressive. Thank you very much for all the support provided."

  • Mrs. Hanif Farida Hatimali (47 yrs) Homemaker, Pune. Operated simultaneously for Gall Bladder Removal and Inguinal Hernia Repair Laparoscopically.


    "I had undergone 5 operations on my abdomen in the past. Two caesarian sections, a removal of uterus, a removal of appendix and an operation for repair of umbilical hernia. On top of it later, I was diagnosed to have stones in the gall bladder and an inguinal hernia, too. But I was reluctant to undergo any more cuts on my abdomen. 
    I was fortunate enough to come in contact with Dr. Dinesh Jain who won my confidence at first visit. I could sense his sincerity to treat me. He did both the operations at one time laparoscopically and the next day I could stand and walk to the washroom on my own!"

  • Mr. Ibrahim Shaikh Chand (39yrs) Working on Oil Exploration Team, Algeria Operated for Laparoscopic removal of Gall Bladder

    "I was operated by Dr Dinesh Jain for Laparoscopic removal of Gall Bladder for I was suffering from Gall Stones. The operation and the hospitality from Dr. Jain was high class and his approach was very kind. This is one of the best experiences of my life. There is no doubt that Dr. Jain has got gifted hands. God bless him. I wish him all the best from the bottom of my heart for his each and every operation in future. Thanks and regards!"

  • Mrs. Jaymala Jagtap (43 yrs), Home maker from Saswad, Dist Pune. Operated for Cancer of colon and and mother-in –law operated for Laparoscopic gall bladder removal.

    "I had an abdominal pain and was treated by a doctor in our village. But my condition worsened and I was brought to Pune, under Dr. Dinesh Jain’s care. He operated on me for removal of large intestine and temporary colostomy due to cancer of colon. The operation was successful and all my family members were relieved. Dr. Jain is a very skillful surgeon and a very good-hearted gentleman. He resolved very smallest of our queries very positively that removed the fear of the operation and mainly that of colostomy. Later, I was operated successfully for colostomy closure and my mother in law was operated for laparoscopic gall bladder removal by Dr. Jain. We received utmost care from him and his clinic and hospital staff during and after the operation. We thank him and wish him all the best for his career and his health."

  • Mrs. Vasanti Sontakke wrote for her husband Mr. Vasantrao Ramchandra Sontakke (69yrs) Retired personnel, Pune.

    "We were at Dehradun when my husband suffered from pain due to Gall Bladder Stone. Since we were away from our hometown Pune, we were temporarily treated by a local doctor. After coming back to Pune, our known physician suggested Dr. Dinesh Jain’s name as a surgeon for removal of Gall Bladder. Dr. Jain operated on my husband successfully and all the suffering disappeared.

    Since we had a very good experience once, we visited him once again for a swelling on his shoulder that turned out to be a Lipoma. This time also, Dr Jain helped us just like our son would and minor operation was performed at his clinic itself. Because of his peace loving and good-humored nature we would like to come to him again if needed. All the best wishes for his health and career from Sontakke family."

  • Mr Dhir (Software Engineer) for his wife Aradhana Dhir (23yrs), Homemaker, Pune.

    "My wife got operated for Laparoscopic removal of Gall Bladder by Dr. Dinesh Jain. It was a wonderful experience and I am really comfortable with the kind of co-operation and hospitality got from Dr. Dinesh Jain. Following are some examples:

    • He described all the aspects of the operation beforehand, including do’s and don’ts  before & after the operation
    • He gave us sufficient time for decision of surgery and to make arrangements at home-front as we had an infant at home.
    • Smooth admission to the hospital,
    • Operation was successful,
    • Smooth discharge from the hospital,
    • Followed up after 10 days and whenever we called,

    I am truly happy with the co-operation."

  • Mr. Chandrashekhar Mehta, (41yrs) Chartered Accountant from Dist Thane, Mumbai. His son was operated for appendicular inflammation using laparoscopic surgery.

    "My son, Shrenik (10 yrs) was operated for appendix using laparoscopic surgery by Dr. Dinesh Jain at Poona Hospital in Aug 2010. He was also suffering from severe headache since 15 days before operation. However with operation by his experienced hands, he is perfectly well now. His headache is also gone. We are thankful to Dr. Jain for the successful operation on my child. We were quite anxious before and also during the operation. However he has truely lived to his reputation. Though we are staying in Thane, as we have heard about his successful past hence we have decided to operate our child at Pune instead of Thane /Mumbai. We wish you great success in future. Thanks & with best regards…"

  • Mrs. Manisha Sandip Pawar wrote for her son Sairaj (10 yrs) operated for Laparoscopic removal of Appendix.

    "Dr. Dinesh Jain explained the seriousness of the disease in a very easy language; hence it was easy to take the decision about the operation. His behavior reduces the burden on the mind a lot. My son was operated upon by him and rapidly became stable. Many thanks to Dr. Jain."

  • Mr. Venu Shriniwas Touta (19 yrs), Student at MIT, Pune. Operated for Laparoscopic removal of Appendix.

    "I was having pain in the stomach since 2 days and was referred to Dr. Dinesh Jain by a local physician. Dr. Jain diagnosed a swollen appendix and suggested its removal laparoscopically. I got operated on the same day and was discharged two days later. On 7th day I started going to the college. Many thanks to Dr. Jain."

  • Gururaj Phadnis (34 yrs), From Pune. Operated for laparoscopic appendix removal.

    "This is my first experience with Dr. Dinesh Jain. I came to him with unmanageable pain in the stomach. The way doctor handled, the timely guidance and support amazed not only me but the entire family. Now, I am back to routine with full confidence. Glad to meet Dr. Dinesh and to experience his positive attitude towards life. There is a lot to learn from the doctor. Thank you."

  • Mr. Lakshman Varde (35 yrs) operated for Laparoscopic Appendix removal.

    "I was scared about the operation, but after talking to Dr. Dinesh Jain half of my pain was cured. He guided me properly and operated on me neatly and I am absolutely normal now. Thanks Dr. Jain"