" I was suffering from fissure continuously for 6 months. I took medicines from many doctors, even Ayurvedic ones. But to no effect. At last I went for advice to our family doctor, Dr. Deshpande. He sent me to Dr. Dinesh jain.

Dr. Jain examined me and gave some medicines, but again, no relief. So, he decided to operate on me. He operated at a nearby nursing home and same day I was discharged . Now I am free of any of my previous pain. He has assured that this will not recur. I am very very thankful to him.

"I was suffering from Fissure in anal region since I was 19. I took treatment at various places but each time I got temporary relief. Once in newspaper I read about ‘Piles-Fissure-Fistula Camp’ conducted by Dr. Dinesh Jain. When I met him and talked to him he reassured me that I will be cured. I started feeling better by 25% just by talking to him! He operated on me the next day and I was discharged the same evening from the hospital. After that I never suffered from that pain. God has given magic in his hands to relieve people from their pain. I see God in him.

"Dr. Dinesh Jain operated on me and freed me from continuous suffering of 4 years. He gave a new direction to my life. Thank you, Sir."

"I was very anxious before the operation, but  Dr. Dinesh Jain explained everything properly and reassured and made me go through the procedure easily. I am completely normal and feel good now."

"Dr. Dinesh Jain operated on me at Poona Hospital. I was very tense before the operation but comforting nature of Dr. Dinesh Jain made me go through the procedure easily. I am completely normal and feel good now."

"It was very good experience with Dr. Dinesh Jain. He is very kind and generous. We just kept our faith in him. I think every patient should do the same and get recovered from their suffering and surgical problems. Thank you.