"We have met such an honest and experienced doctor for the first time in 30 yrs. After talking to him, I was rest assured about his experience and treatment. Thanks."

"Dr. Jain has done a wonderful job. Thanks to the doctor, I feel very comforted and reassured and I am confident to start my life afresh. Thanks a lot!"

"There are a lot of ups and downs in each person’s life. So had I. The doctor is a representative of God who removes suffering from your life. Hence Doctor is considered second God. Dr. Jain has removed such pain and suffering from my life, the thought of which gives me goose bumps. But Dr. Jain has taken out that nightmare from my life permanently and I thank him from the base of my heart.

"It was a good experience with him"

"Opeartion was done very nicely. There was no problem at all. Dr. Jain co-operated very well. Thanks."

"My son Shubham (12yrs) was suffering from abdominal pain off and on since one and a half years. He was treated at local hospital but pain would trouble him occasionally. Ultrasonography examination done twice did not reveal any abnormality and pain would be so unbearable that he would sometimes roll on the floor. No one could pinpoint the diagnosis. One of our acquaintances suggested us to visit Dr. Dinesh Jain. 

My father Mr. Kantilal Gandhi (76yrs) was suffering from varicose veins in both his legs since 6-7 yrs. He was not taking good care of his legs. Since 6 months he was unable to walk. Dr. Dinesh Jain had performed a minor operation on me 4 yrs back, so I consulted him this time for my father. He treated us well and operated on my father’s both legs within 4 days. The operation was a success. My father is well now and can walk and do all the routine work. I was really worried about him but God is great. He sent Dr. Jain to help.

"I was operated for Umbilical hernia under Dr. Jain. The experience regarding hospitalization, service, attendance of the staff was really fantastic.

The surgery was good, follow-up and other necessities were so satisfactory that it helped me recover early from this surgery. I am really very thankful to Dr. Jain for his kind approach."

"I was operated for Pilonidal sinus by Dr. Dinesh Jain and was immediately back to normal within 10 days. Never had to stay in the hospital nor had to take heavy medications. I believe there is a magic in Dr. Jain’s hands that he cures physical ailments in a jiffy. I have never seen any doctor who not only cures physically but also positively charges you up with motivation. This definitely calls for a word of mouth reference coming from the heart and mind. God bless and best wishes…"