"I have undergone the piles surgery- Stapler MIPH operated by Dr. Jain on 24-04-2009. Now I am enjoying full satsfaction and I have very good results without any complaints. Very very successful surgery. 

Thanks all the team members and especially, Dr. Dinesh Jain."

" Dr. Jain is a master of Stapler Surgery for piles.

Whatever he advised to me regarding my other surgery for prostate and cystoscopy was found to be true.

There is no complain so far as this surgery (Stapler surgery) done by Dr. Dinesh Jain. Besides, he is very kind hearted and friendly with all the patients. Hence I recommend everyone suffering from piles/ fistula, etc to get treated by him.

I wish him a grand name and fame in his existing line of surgery.

With warm regards...."

"I was suffering from Piles off and on since last 20 yrs. I used to get some relief with medicines: but since last 4 months the medicines were not effective. Dr. Jain explained me that I needed to get operated. Even after Stapler Surgery for Piles , I suffered for first 9 days. But then Dr. Jain was very supportive. On 10th day all my problems suddenly disappeared. Now, I feel that if I got operated much earlier, I would have avoided so much of a suffering! Dr. Jain is a wonderful Doctor!

"I was treated for Piles and Fissure at Miraj, Sangli. But my problem was not solved. I was admitted for 6 days in a hospital at my hometown, Mahad, and was given 3 bottles of blood, still bleeding did not stop. At last I took treatment from Dr. Dinesh Jain. Bleeding stopped within 3 days and I regained strength in 8-10 days.

"I would like to convey my sincere gratitude to you and your team for your wonderful and accurate treatment on my Piles disease. Since last one month I was facing lot of mental and physical trouble due to this piles pain and I lost my control over my mind. Fortunately I got your name & feedback from my friend and as per your suggestion I underwent Stapler Operation by yourself yesterday. Today I am feeling better like journey from “Piles to Smiles”.

"I was suffering from Piles severely for 8-9 yrs. I was treated by 2-3 doctors, but our local physician suggested Dr. Dinesh Jain’s name for the treatment. Dr. Jain operated on me by Stapler Equipment for Piles 3 years back and since then I am not having any symptoms of Piles. I am very very thankful to Dr. Jain for his successful operation."

"I wish to express my gratitude to Dr. Jain for his professional advice after performing anoscopy on me. Where examination by other doctor revealed my problem as hemorrhoids, his diagnosis was superb- ‘Loss of anal tone’ – The disease of my mind. Treatment prescribed was “Yoga and Surrender to the Ultimate”. I am feeling better.

Where can we find such noble professionals today who not only examine your body, but patient’s psyche.
Thank you Doctor, your service to mankind is beyond compare!"

"I was suffering from Piles for about a year, during which I was treated and advised by various doctors, but in vain! I was not cured of the problem. Then one of the doctors referred me to Dr Dinesh Jain and told me to meet him without hesitation. When I met Dr.

"3 years back, I was suffering from constipation, Piles & Fistula. But I used to neglect. But when these started troubling me more, I came to know about Dr. Dinesh Jain and got operated (Stapler Surgery- the latest for Piles) for both the conditions at one go by him. Within one month I was feeling so happy and fresh, free from acidity, constipation and headache, too. Really it was a new life for me to enjoy all things in life. I would request all the patients suffering from piles to undergo treatment under Dr.

"The website through which I got to know about Dr. Dinesh Jain was very well made and informative. I was operated by Dr. Jain by a Stapler procedure for Piles. The experience has been phenomenal. I couldn’t be thankful enough to Dr. Jain for seeing me and treating me with such compassion. He also advised me on the financial aspect of the operation. After having the operation done, I feel better with every passing day! Looking forward to a continued co-operation from him. Thanks and regards…"